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Sunday, December 2, 2018



My scalp is much more sensitive than facial skin. So it is difficult to buy shampoo or conditioner easily. I had to change my shampoo when my scalp is not in good condition. I visited the Aveda store for consultation, and the product line that I bought was the Invati Advanced Line.
When I first purchased the invati advanced line, I bought a conditioner and scalp revitalizer (scalp care spray) along with shampoo. At this point, while using three shampoos, it is already over a year, I use all the Invati Advanced Shaking Conditioner and write this review.


Even if I also had Conditioner and rinse, the only shampoo was used for a very long period of practical use. Recently, however, I was told to use the conditioner in hairdressing salon, and made empty bottles.

Natural fragrance.

I do not like strong fragrance in shampoo. I do not want to use a product that smells like a perfume in my hair all day and my head aches and grows so fragile that it is good in that respect.

Why is the shelf life so long?

Aveda says it uses natural ingredients, but doubts about the shelf life after opening. I heard that it was embalming treatment ... But thanks to that, I was able to help you use the conditioner that was not used well after opening it.

Good for scalp management

If you use this conditioner after shampooing, you will feel that the scalp is cool, and it feels light on the scalp. This conditioner can manage both scalp and hair. If you wake up in the morning after you use it in the evening, the acne that has climbed on your scalp becomes silent. So if you do not use it every day, you should use it if you have a rash on your scalp.

Hair management is not as good as scalp care.

When I close my hair, my hair seems to soften. When I dry my hair, my hair gets a little smoother.

price is expensive.

I use it regularly every day and I use it very soon. Currently, I use a good home-shopping product that has both a scalp and a hair, but it does work, but I am trying to exhaust it because I do not like the preservative raw material of the product. I will try to use the product a little more and review it.


Yes. Acne on the scalp is a reminiscence product when it does not calm down. If you have a sale period or tax exemption opportunity next time, it is the product that you liked enough to want to put on several times.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

[K-Beauty] AROMATICA Tea Tree Green Oil Review + How to use face oil

A Honest Review on Aromatica Tea Tree Green Oil

Different effects depending on the type of oil?

I did not like face oil, but I was interested in the fact that face oil has different efficacy for each type of oils. But I did not feel much effect than I thought.

So what I started to try was a mixed oil product that mixed various kinds of oils. The first was Nux oil, followed by Skin Park Royal Face Oil.

The Nux Oil was so difficult to use because it was so fragrant, but Skinpak Royal Face Oil was so good that I bought it three times and used it with my mother. I got a good memory of the blended oil and accidentally bought the Aromatica tea tree oil, which is on sale at Olive Young in Korea.

Aromatica Tea Tree Green Oil Honest Review

At the time of purchasing Aromatica tea tree oil, it was in a state where my skin was upset, and Aromatica tea tree oil was written as 'a neat and calm one-step care to reset with clean skin' It contains extracts, so it was expected to have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. I have been using it for about 6 months, and I want to leave a post.

1. Skin soothing is excellent.
When the skin became lighter, it was mixed with aloe gel and it could feel the red flag sinking the next day.

2. Acne inhibiting effect
It is not a definite effect on acne, but it did not grow anymore if you apply a single drop of tea tree oil to acne that seems to rise as much as possible.

3. It is good oil in summer.
The product itself is said to be a serum-type refreshing facial oil, which is actually a very light oil. So, it is very good not to get sticky even if it is mixed with the gel type moisture cream which was used to adjust the water balance in the summer.

4. Tea tree has unique flavor.
Tea tree oil has a unique flavor, but the flavor of the product itself is not uncomfortable.

5. Included in the centaur extract
Included in the Sika products is the centipede extract, which is popular nowadays. It may be used instead of the products.

When can I use this face oil?

1. As you often know, apply it to your skin, serum, essence, water cream, babe cream, foundation etc.

2.After cleansing, apply oil immediately after applying the skin so as to prevent water from flowing out.

3.After soaking the skin on a cotton soaked Silkotto, drop a few drops of oil on it, then put it in a place that needs calm or moisture

4.When cleansing, dry foam cleansing, cleansing soap and so on.

5.The last step of cleansing is to use water as a dragon to take 3 ~ 5 drops of oil and wash it in the basin

6.use as hair oil

7.use on dry part of body

There are so many ways, so it seems to be good to have a face oil. Especially during the season or winter, essential oil is oil.


Yes. It is a product that is well-groomed and slightly moisturized. It is not recommended for those who want to buy face oil because it wants moisturizing power, but it is highly recommended oil for those who want only calm skin and light moisturizing power.

Friday, November 30, 2018

LG V40 + Samsung DeX pad Connection was Attempted.

Can I connect the V40 to the Dex pad?

I have both Note 9 and V40.

I was shocked with the price of the recently released, so I decided to replace my main phone with the Android phone. My wife and I got the latest phones Galaxy Note 9 and v40 thinQ. I have some of the latest high-end mobile phones, so I'll be writing some postings on the phones for the time being. Today I would like to talk about the compatibility of the v40 with the fact that I was personally wondering about Dex Pad. As a conclusion, it was impossible to connect the V40 to the dex pad.

V40 + DeX pad The result is ????

The DeX Pad was on sale

Note 9 As I had been using my mobile phone for about three weeks, I found a hot deal to sell Dex Pad at 19,800 won on the official website of Samsung Electronics in Korea. I could not miss the opportunity to get an HDMI cable, a fast charger and a Dex pad at a price of less than 20,000 won.

Unfortunately, V40 connection is not allowed.

After connecting the v40 to the Dex pad, the following message is displayed.Another reviewer said the V30 is connected. Unfortunately, the V40 seems to have lost the DP alt feature. I do not know whether it is for cost reduction, but it is rather unfortunate.

As a result, it is impossible to connect a monitor or TV via a wired network.

After I tried it, I was told that the V40 does not support wired screen connection. According to the article posted on the official website of LG Electronics, it is correct to not connect through the cable. Personally, I was very satisfied with the V40, but there was one disappointment. But it's not a necessary feature.

Friday, November 23, 2018

[K-Beauty] Bonajour Green Tea Water Bomb moist cream Review

Review: Bonajour Green Tea Water Bomb

Director Pi's recommendation

Bonajour Green Tea Water Night Moisturizing Cream is a product that Director Pai (a korean youtube star) recommended as a good moisturizing cream and was also selected as a beauty beauty program, so I was very interested in this product. The friend who watched the TV program purchased the product and gave it to me. In fact, it is very burdensome to receive a cosmetic gift (because it can not be discarded). This product is also a cream extracted with a good moisturizing cream and consists of a green tea component and a peptide component, The gift was very nice.

Bonajur Green Tea Water Bungalow Review

I have received such a gift and immediately opened it and tried it for almost a month, and now I am left with only the amount that I need to use and squeeze. 100ml large capacity dosage form is dilute, I use it quite a lot to use it really is the one I used very soon. If you purchase one, you can use it for about one month to two months.

It is quite moist.

It has a gel cream formulation filled with water. As it is applied to the face, moisture is absorbed and oil is left on the surface of the skin. Water persistence is quite long. It has a water balance which is very suitable for use in the season of change. As a person with complex skin, even in the middle of November, even if it is layered twice, it does not feel dry until evening. However, in wintertime it seems to be mixed with oil. It is written on the official website that it should be mixed with jojoba oil.

The lid is poor.

When I used it for about a month, I did not close the lid tightly, so I pressed the lid for two or three times. It is not that it does not close enough to cause the cream to leak out, but I'm afraid that the cream outlets are so large that the oxidation of the air through the lids is faster. I am more worried about natural products there. Also, since the formulation is thin, it is a little bit around the lid.


There was no trouble.

This product did not make any trouble in my skin, and the skin is calmed down. The peptide ingredient helps improve wrinkles. It can be felt with constant use. I think it is a good cream that can be applied when I am not sensitive or sensitive, without provoking troubles on the skin. Bonajour Moisture cream is good because it can be applied without worrying even when the skin is sensitive.


Hold still. I want to find a moisturizing cream that works better for me. This product has not caused any trouble, but it is slow to absorb (it is inevitable because it is a natural product), and sometimes it feels heavy, so if you are looking for a cream that is better suited to my skin, But before looking for such a cream, it is a cream that is intended to be used continuously.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

COSRX One Step Green Hero Calming Pad Review in Honest

COSRX One Step Green Hero Calming Pad  Honest Review

COSRX Calming Pad

Pad products have become popular since they were first introduced. Most people who use it for wiping toner will feel this: It is very convenient to take out the cotton pad and then open the toner lid to put it on the cotton pad. Even though it is not a tired day, it is actually convenient. The red pad product from COSRX did not fit well with the skin and caused trouble around the chin. The dermatological products I used later also did not fit well with the pad products because they did not fit well with the skin. 

Review: COSRX One Step Green Hero Calming Pad

Even if I bought it unintentionally, I used it continuously for about a month and made an engineer.

1. There was no trouble.

It did not cause any trouble at all. The use of pad products usually made acne or puffiness to me. However, this product is originally a sedative pad and did not adversely affect the skin.

2. Reduce blackhead & whitehead creation

I did not see a huge effect on the blackhead on the white head, but I got the feeling that the black head and white head came up a bit late.

3. Flush calm is not well ...

It is a calming pad, but it is not a product that can be used to calm down flushes or soothe. When the skin is sensitive, it is not good for the skin to touch the skin.

4. It's hard to get out when you have a little left.

I think it is a problem of all pad products, but it is hard to take out. When you take out your finger, you may scratch the side of your finger. If you have less than 10 sheets, it may be a waste because you take out two or three sheets at a time.

Possibility to Repurchase.

Yes. If I use the pad product completely, I might consider repurchase.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Blomberg Clothing Dryer Specifications and Features at a Glance

Blomberg Clothes Dryer Specifications

Hello I would like to introduce Bloomberg's Clothes Dryer. This model is a laundry dryer that can dry 10 kg of laundry . Two colors are available: white and gray . The price is in the low $ 1,000 USD.

A brief introduction to the major features of this product ,
(1)   Analog control ( Function control with analog button instead of touch button )
(2)   Dry for a long time at a low temperature, so that the damage of cloth is small.
(3)   Products that effectively remove dust
(4)   Products that do not require a drain pipe and are not subject to space for capturing water by a large capacity bucket in it.
Please review the product reviews here . Now let me introduce the specs.

Blomberg home clothes dryer DHP24412W , DHP24412MG Specifications

model name
l  DHP24412W ( Color : White )
l  DHP24412MG ( Color : Gray )
l  clothes dryer
Drying capacity
l  10kg
Basic function
l  Inverter
l  Electrical Drying
l  heat pump type
l  Drying function
l  deodorizing function
l  Rapid drying
l  Anti-creasing
l  Ironing
l  wool , fine
l  Changing the position of the door
Power Consumption
Size (WxDxH)
595x598x846 mm
l  You can change the left and right position of door . It is advantageous for space arrangement .
l  Famous German brand products with superior quality
l  Driven Optimizer
- Optimizer keeps humidity , temperature , voltage , air and drying time and energy consumption optimal .
l  Optima inverter motor
- Adjusts the number of revolutions by itself according to the energy requirement, thus reducing noise and vibration and increasing energy efficiency.
l  High efficiency low energy consumption heat pump low-temperature dehumidification drying
- Good energy efficiency and low heat damage
l  Low noise mode
- Compared to the normal mode 50% Noise mode that only the degree of noise is generated , Good When used during sleep
l  Safe two-step filter
-2 filter effectively filters hair , lint , and dust
l  99.9% sterilization drying
- Effective removal of Staphylococcus aureus , Pseudomonas aeruginosa , Pneumoniae
l  Aqua Waven Drum
- Drum design is uneven . Effectively removes ongam damage and tangles haejugo , given beaten plump clothes dust takes off .
l  Prolong drying function can be set
- You can freely extend the drying time .
l  Power connection = end of an installation
- You do not need a drainage system to receive water from a water tank . However, there is a need to frequently empty the water tank .
l  Air wash function
- Efficiently removes moisture and dust as well as life smell
l  Small amount / quebus drying
Less than -1 kg of laundry For example , about 3 towels are dried for 45 minutes
l  WOOL material can be protected
- Controls drum rotation speed and temperature to protect wool products that are weak to heat
l  Motor 10 years free warranty 1 year free AS

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