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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Blomberg Clothing Dryer Specifications and Features at a Glance

Blomberg Clothes Dryer Specifications

Hello I would like to introduce Bloomberg's Clothes Dryer. This model is a laundry dryer that can dry 10 kg of laundry . Two colors are available: white and gray . The price is in the low $ 1,000 USD.

A brief introduction to the major features of this product ,
(1)   Analog control ( Function control with analog button instead of touch button )
(2)   Dry for a long time at a low temperature, so that the damage of cloth is small.
(3)   Products that effectively remove dust
(4)   Products that do not require a drain pipe and are not subject to space for capturing water by a large capacity bucket in it.
Please review the product reviews here . Now let me introduce the specs.

Blomberg home clothes dryer DHP24412W , DHP24412MG Specifications

model name
l  DHP24412W ( Color : White )
l  DHP24412MG ( Color : Gray )
l  clothes dryer
Drying capacity
l  10kg
Basic function
l  Inverter
l  Electrical Drying
l  heat pump type
l  Drying function
l  deodorizing function
l  Rapid drying
l  Anti-creasing
l  Ironing
l  wool , fine
l  Changing the position of the door
Power Consumption
Size (WxDxH)
595x598x846 mm
l  You can change the left and right position of door . It is advantageous for space arrangement .
l  Famous German brand products with superior quality
l  Driven Optimizer
- Optimizer keeps humidity , temperature , voltage , air and drying time and energy consumption optimal .
l  Optima inverter motor
- Adjusts the number of revolutions by itself according to the energy requirement, thus reducing noise and vibration and increasing energy efficiency.
l  High efficiency low energy consumption heat pump low-temperature dehumidification drying
- Good energy efficiency and low heat damage
l  Low noise mode
- Compared to the normal mode 50% Noise mode that only the degree of noise is generated , Good When used during sleep
l  Safe two-step filter
-2 filter effectively filters hair , lint , and dust
l  99.9% sterilization drying
- Effective removal of Staphylococcus aureus , Pseudomonas aeruginosa , Pneumoniae
l  Aqua Waven Drum
- Drum design is uneven . Effectively removes ongam damage and tangles haejugo , given beaten plump clothes dust takes off .
l  Prolong drying function can be set
- You can freely extend the drying time .
l  Power connection = end of an installation
- You do not need a drainage system to receive water from a water tank . However, there is a need to frequently empty the water tank .
l  Air wash function
- Efficiently removes moisture and dust as well as life smell
l  Small amount / quebus drying
Less than -1 kg of laundry For example , about 3 towels are dried for 45 minutes
l  WOOL material can be protected
- Controls drum rotation speed and temperature to protect wool products that are weak to heat
l  Motor 10 years free warranty 1 year free AS

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